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Protecting Your Investment

Just like annual maintenance of your HVAC system or regular oil changes in your car help to protect the larger investment, regular care of your asphalt surfaces is recommended to preserve the value of your property. Collett Asphalt Services is locally owned and operated. We use quality products from NEYRA, manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio. With nearly 20-years in the business, we use quality materials and ensure premium workmanship to deliver greater value over the long-term.

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Commercial Sealcoating Services

Collett is a full-service provider, working with property owners and managers to define the needs and work within budgets where possible. We will work with your site constraints and manage the full project, including:

  • Surface cleaning & preparation
  • Infrared patching
  • Hot pour crack sealing
  • Surface sealcoating
  • Parking lot striping
  • Final inspection of service area

Contact our office via phone or email to arrange for a site evaluation or Request an Estimate.

Collett Residential Sealcoating Example

Residential Sealcoating Services

Your driveway can get the same care and attention as any of the commercial lots we service. We use Tarconite, a commercial-grade coal tar emulsion sealer. It is a much different product than is generally available to consumers in big box stores.

Call our office to arrange for a site evaluation and ask us about the difference it makes.

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Infrared Asphalt Patching

Sections of parking lots and driveways can become so deteriorated they are beyond repair. Our custom infrared asphalt patching services can heat up those problem areas, allowing for easy removal so we can then replace with new, fresh asphalt, blending seamlessly into your lot or drive. Benefits of this process include:

  • Lower cost compared to entire new surface.
  • Protecting homeowners and commercial customers from pot holes and low areas that can collect water and freeze.
  • Increase curb appeal and property value.

See our patching process in action!

In addition to the hot-pour crack sealing you may be familiar with, we can now also use infrared technology to return your asphalt to a pliable state. That allows us to smooth it out and add new asphalt to strengthen the entire area. This allows us to create patches where replacement would have been required in the past.

Find out what infrared patching may be able to do for your asphalt! Call or email us today!

Sealcoateed residential driveway

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